Ugreen CD Car Phone Holder Test: an amazing system for attaching to the CD player

While most smartphone holders attach to an air vent or even to the windshield, there are more original models. This is the case of this support offered by Ugreen, to be inserted into the slot of a CD player, if your car is equipped with it.

Once in place, a screw on the back of the support allows the fixing system to be moved away from the inside of the drive to hold it there, hoping that this does not damage it. We haven’t rated any particular game, but this system does have some notable flaws.

First of all, this support condemns the use of the CD player, or almost, since it is in the majority of cases always possible to read them, but not to insert and remove them with the support in place, obviously .

The support can also cover and even press the buttons of the car radio. It can even go so far as to prevent the complete insertion of the support in certain cases. In addition, the location of the CD player is rarely optimal to keep your smartphone in your field of vision.

Fortunately, a ball joint makes it easy to orient your smartphone, provided that other elements do not prevent it. In our case, the ventilation controls of a Twingo 1 did not allow an iPhone 12 Pro Max (78.1 mm wide) to be tilted far enough back and the orientation was therefore not optimal.



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