UEFA demands from the Ukrainian national team to remove political inscriptions from the uniform – 06/10/2021

Earlier, the president of the Ukrainian Football Association, Andriy Pavelko, presented a new set of uniforms for the Ukrainian team to participate in UEFA EURO 2020. The inscriptions “Glory to Ukraine!” Will be applied to the T-shirts of Ukrainian footballers and “Glory to the Heroes!”, as well as the outline of Ukraine with the Crimea in its composition. UEFA has approved the uniform of the Ukrainian national team to participate in the European Championship. On June 8, the Russian Football Union (RFU) sent an appeal to UEFA, as it considered that there are certain political messages in the presentation of the uniform of the Ukrainian national team.

UEFA announced that a new design of the jersey with the addition of the glory to the heroes on the inside of the jersey collar, presented to UEFA, was approved in December 2020. At the same time, UEFA acknowledged that at that time the meaning created by the combination of two slogans was not taken into account.

Upon further analysis, the specific combination of these two slogans is clearly considered political in nature, with historical and militaristic implications. Therefore, this particular tagline on the inside of the jersey must be removed for use in UEFA competition matches.

UEFA also explained that the design of the front part of the jersey of the Ukrainian national team with the outline of the country with Crimea in the squad does not require any changes in accordance with the UN General Assembly resolution on the territorial integrity of Ukraine. UEFA also confirmed that the slogan on the outside of the shirt “Glory to Ukraine” was approved in 2018.

“Given that the … UN resolution … recognizes territorial boundaries as they are conveyed in design, UEFA does not require any changes to this design element. The slogan (“Glory to Ukraine”) itself can be considered as a general and non-politicized phrase of national significance, therefore it can be used on the uniform of the national team, ”the message explains. The International Football Federation (FIFA) previously stated that it remains neutral in political matters, and also stressed that the question of the form of the Ukrainian national team for the matches of the European Championship is under the jurisdiction of UEFA.