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UC should not let go by dropping the SAT

For the publisher: No normal child likes the SAT. But all children understand that there are very smart students and then very studious students. There is a difference between being smart and studious, and so we have the SAT and the ACT. ("It is time for the CU to stop using the SAT", Notice of November 7)

Of course, wealthy children have an advantage over tutors, but the state can remedy this difference by requiring a SAT preparation course for any student who wants to better understand the ins and outs of the exam. The State Department of the State should now help less fortunate students to take these tests.

SAT and ACT are needed. Too many studious students are withdrawing from the University of California system when they are confronted with very intelligent and very studious students. Like it or not, reducing CPUs is not the solution.

Mark Walker, Yorba Linda


For the publisher: Janelle Wong states that "SAT and ACT add little or nothing to the high school GPA's prediction of a student's performance in their first year of college."

SAT or ACT is the only thing that allows college admissions professionals to control very different average GPAs in different high schools. Private schools, for example, have extremely inflated GPAs. Just look at the "school profile" of a private high school near you.

The elimination of the SAT would also increase the pressure on teachers to inflate their grades, which is already too much. In public high school where I taught, the department with the highest overall average was the program we have for parents of students. Yet these students were not the best prepared for UC education.

Bob Kanne, Yorba Linda


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