Ubuntu Core 22: the Linux of the IoT

Canonical has announced the launch of Ubuntu Core 22a new version of its system for the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded devices that can well be praised as the Linux of reference in these matters, because in fact it is.

It is no surprise either to point out that Ubuntu Core 22 takes the basis of the recent Ubuntu 22.04 LTS to display its own attributes, among which it stands out that it is a system focused on minimalism and security to serve the industrial sector it targets.

On the other hand, Ubuntu Core dispenses with the LTS label because it does not need it: its releases are restricted to the extended support versions of the main edition of Ubuntu and, unlike the others, its maintenance extends to ten years of supportat the level offered by Ubuntu Advantage.

Some of the features of Ubuntu Core include a minimal system to reduce bugs and therefore risk, containerization to ensure advanced security from strict confinement, and of course full support of the Snap package format in the based.

The focus of Ubuntu Core, meanwhile, points to industry in general, or to telecommunications, the automotive industry, robotics, home automation or smart cities in particular, among others. In other words, the Internet of Things and the devices through which this increasingly present technological phenomenon is deployed.

With respect to the release at hand, the new features of Ubuntu Core 22 share those of the main system base, but it also has its own, although these are of a different category. Improving its integration with Snap packages is one of them.

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Other new features in Ubuntu Core 22 include support for real-time computing with a high-performance kernel and minimal latency, although this feature is still in beta; Enhanced security with the integration of KMC Controls and, in connection with this, a growing ecosystem of partners such as Advantech, Lenovo and others with a focus on Ubuntu Certified Hardware.

“Our goal at Canonical is to provide secure and reliable open source everywhere, from development environments to the cloud, the edge computing and devices,” says Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical. “With this release and the Ubuntu real-time kernel, we are ready to expand the benefits of Ubuntu Core throughout the embedded world.”

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