Ubisoft does not think there is a relationship between the size of the games and their quality

The company’s Stockholm division is working on the innovative Scalar technology.

In the last times, Ubisoft has been characterized by raising some huge open worlds in franchises like Assassin’s Creed or The Division. Both the detail and the size of the worlds have been growing within the company, a goal that seems to be pursued after the presentation of its new technology, Ubisoft Scalar, in which the stockholm division has been working for more than four years and that would allow us to offer largest and most complete worlds.

He has spoken about this Patrick Bachwho leads the Ubisoft team in Stockholm in an interview on echoed by GameSpot: “Do we need games to be bigger? No. Will some games benefit from being bigger? Of course. It will depend on the game, its objectives and that of its creatorsBach explained.

The scale technology will provide developers with the ability to make bigger games, some of which many will benefit, but not all will. Bach has pointed out that no aspect of a video game should be driven by “more is better”, there are games that can benefit from larger worlds with more details, being able to scale to the size we have today, however, Bach clarified don’t think there is one relationship between games being bigger and their quality: “It will depend on the creators and how they want to spend their efforts to achieve their vision.”

Ubisoft ensures that the size of the game depends on the objectives of its creatorsThe developer clarified that Scalar is not a new engine that Ubisoft plans to license to other studios like Epic does with the Unreal Engine: “We’re not trying to sell anything, we’re just talking about what we want to do. Ubisoft isn’t looking for other companies to buy this technology.” , single we show what will come in the future“. Recently, we learned that the Ubisoft Stockholm team itself is currently working on a new IP which will use the innovations of Ubisoft Scalar. If you are fans of the great open worlds of Ubisoft, remember that in 3DJuegos you have our analysis of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla available.

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