A Bloomberg report reveals that Serge Hascöet canceled the project because he did not like the subject.

Ubisoft canceled a RPG of King Arthur inspired by Monster Hunter, and with the designer of Dragon Age

At the end of 2018, Mike Laidlaw, designer and creative director of the Dragon Age saga, left Bioware to join Ubisoft on a secret project. A year later, in January 2020, the developer left the French company. Now we know the explanation. As Jason Schreier states in a new Bloomberg report, Ubisoft was working on an RPG known as Avalon, a game based on King Arthur and with elements of Monster Hunter, which was canceled because Serge Hascoët he did not like it.

This last name may sound familiar to you. Its about former chief creative officer for Ubisoft, the same one that prevented the latest Assassin’s Creed from having a single female lead, and who has been forced to resign from his post on recent charges. According to people close to the project, Avalon was going to be a Triple A adventure inspired by the stories of King Arthur, in a world of medieval fantasy with knights, magic and elements of legends. With this premise, and with the Dragon Age creative director in charge, the team had high expectations for the game, although Hascoët was against the setting, and decided to cancel it in about a year.

Apparently Hascoët did not like medieval fantasy as a genre, according to team sources, and that made him put extremely high standards for the sake of frustrating the project, going so far as to tell them that their universe had to be “better than tolkien“if they wanted to carry it out. This did not prevent the project from continuing, where his employees tell Schreier that development “progressing well”, and that it would have a cooperative multiplayer proposal similar to that of the Monster Hunter saga. However, Hascoët still did not like the setting.

Hascoët demanded a better universe than Tolkien’s to give the go-aheadThroughout 2019, the team proposed several different themes, from science fiction to Greek mythology, but Ubisoft’s chief creative director dismissed them all, and last fall, decided to cancel the project Although it was progressing at a good pace, to the surprise of its developers. With the large number of sagas that Ubisoft maintains delivery after delivery, more and more people are asking for some freshness in the company catalog. A field that was the responsibility of Hascoët, where analyst Doug Creutz points out, as part of this report, that this is one of the problems with having a single person in command of all editorial decisions.

“I think it is a good idea to have a core of trust made up of a small group of creative, diverse and experienced people. But deposit all that power in a single person It is risky, “explains the analyst at Cowen & Co. With the resignation of Serge Hascoët a few weeks ago, and the changes that Ubisoft has announced in its organizational chart, the French company has the opportunity to restructure its management in response to multiple cases of harassment and abuse in their offices. And, also, to avoid that a single manager has all the power in creative decisions. We may never see this Avalon on our screens, but if you are looking forward to the company’s next titles, here are our impressions of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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