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The video of a home American complaining about the tips he receives from his customers went viral on TikTok and drew attention to the difficulties faced by those who work in that profession.

Smithson Michael uploaded a clip in which he is notably affected. He sheds a few tears after placing an order.

I want you to know what it is to work for Uber Eats, DoorDash or any of these companies (of home deliveries) ”, he expressed.

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The man appears in his car questioning why people cannot give a higher amount considering that many times the domiciliary travel long distances to deliver their food.

“I spent an hour driving for a tip of one dollar and 19 cents,” commented.

He added that with the money that the ‘app’ gives you (2 dollars per delivery, that is, about 7 thousand pesos) cannot even cover the cost of gasoline.

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It is worth noting that Uber Eats, a platform belonging to Uber, is present in more than 500 cities around the world.

by Dash, for its part, has extensive coverage in the United States, being considered the largest food delivery company in the country.

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The video, which has already been played a million times and gathers more than 220 thousand ‘likes’, it served to make an awareness call to the users of the aforementioned applications.

Several of them made comments such as: “I always tip and if I can’t do it then I don’t order” or “I’m broke, so I understand you. Do you have an account? I’ll try to send you whatever I have. “

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Just like Michael, who assured that the money is not enough to survive and pay for essential services, surely many households go through the same situation.

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Some Internet users, in that sense, pointed out that the problem does not lie in tips, but in companies.

The video reopened the debate in networks about the responsibility of food delivery companies with their workers.

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