UAQ inaugurates Primary Care Polyclinic Unit of the Faculty of Medicine

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Authorities of the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ) and the Faculty of Medicine inaugurated the Primary Care Polyclinic Unit, which is a new space for clinical practice, research and academia, which will offer health services of the highest quality and affordable costs. Likewise, it obtained the title of state headquarters of the Priority Epilepsy Program (PPE) and registered as a Comprehensive Attention Center for Epilepsy (CAIE).

During the ceremony, Dr. Teresa García Gasca, rector of the Highest House of Studies of the entity, recognized the great effort that represents to raise a project of this nature. He mentioned that spaces are required that allow society to have the ease of accessing services of this type and what better way than the Faculty of Medicine to take concrete actions in this regard.

“The Primary Care Polyclinic that joins the Epilepsy Priority Program will give a very important service to the university community, to society, we will be attending to the needs that we can cover and in what we can support,” said the Rector, who said that the Universities become spaces for learning, research, extension and connection.

For her part, Dr. Guadalupe Zaldívar Lelo de Larrea, director of the Faculty of Medicine, assured that this Institution endorses the commitment to life and health, as this academic unit seeks that excellence is the norm in the training of students. future doctors. For this reason, he affirmed that beyond the infrastructure being a service provider, it is a symbol of the doctor’s mission: a professional who watches over life and health.

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“This health center gathers the necessary spaces to integrate the activities of primary care, promotion, prevention, education and early detection of damage to health, with highly specialized consultations at very accessible costs; the Unit will offer its services to the people who need it most, without money being an impediment ”.

On behalf of the Secretary of Health in Querétaro, Dr. Julio César Ramírez Argüello, Dr. Martina Pérez Rendón, director of State Health Services, added that having a site that allows a comprehensive approach to the care of the epilepsy, is a great advance in the matter; work, which he said, has to be done in a multidisciplinary and joint way.

Also, Dr. Juan Carlos Reséndiz Aparicio, Deputy Executive Vocal of the Epilepsy Priority Program, mentioned that it is transcendental to talk about this disease, epilepsy, since it is very frequent in society and many patients do not receive care or are diagnosed, for this reason, he said, it seeks to integrate a national registry.

In addition, Dr. Yamil Matuk Pérez, coordinator of the Comprehensive Center for Epilepsy, Querétaro headquarters, said that epilepsy is a public health problem and it is estimated that in the state there are between 30 thousand and 40 thousand people with this disease, for For this reason, it is necessary to train first contact doctors and know how to treat and diagnose it.

Finally, Dr. Lenin Torres García, coordinator of the Primary Care Polyclinic Unit, added that it is a great challenge that will bear good results, since it is an effort that comes from the University for the benefit of the people.

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