Altamonte Springs. A two-year-old in Florida shot his mother with a pistol. The child found his father’s gun in his backpack and accidentally killed his mother while she was in a video conference for work. The father was arrested on Tuesday for negligent homicide and improper storage of a firearm, the Altamonte Springs police said.

According to the police, the incident itself took place in August. The child fired a single shot. It hit his mother in the head.

Father found his dead friend

The woman conversing with the woman in the video conference heard a noise and saw the woman collapse in front of the computer. She notified the rescue workers, as it was said, but could not give the place of residence or the age of the victim.

Finally the father called 911. “I just got home and my friend who was working on the computer is just lying there. There’s blood everywhere, ”said the man on the phone. She is not breathing and he cannot feel her heartbeat. The woman was pronounced dead on site. When the shot was fired, there was another child in the house, the police said.