Two US military targets in Iraq attack with drones and a rocket


A US military facility at the airport in Baghdad and an air base in western Iraq with the presence of troops from that country were attacked early this Sunday with a rocket and two drones, without any reported victims or property damage.

The first attack, according to the US Army, took place around 00.15 hours with the launch of a rocket against the Diplomatic Support Center in Baghdad, some facilities attached to the airport in the Iraqi capital that house troops and personnel from other agencies of the North American country.

The rocket “struck in the vicinity and caused no casualties or damage,” reported the spokesman for the international coalition that fights the terrorist group. Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Colonel American Wayne Marotto, on his official Twitter account.

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The second attack, with two drones loaded with explosives that were neutralized, occurred about three hours later, it targeted the Ain al Asad air base, which has the presence of military personnel and contractors from USA, and that he had already suffered three other attacks in recent weeks.

“The air defense of the Ain base at Asad, in the province of Al Anbar, it detected two drones and managed to shoot them down at 3:00 a.m. (local time, 0.00 GMT), “said the Security Information Cell of the Iraqi Government in a brief statement, in which it did not specify whether there were any casualties or damage. materials.

This base houses some 2,000 US servicemen and was attacked on May 4 with two rockets, four days later with a drone and on May 24, with a type rocket. katiusha.

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In none of these attacks were victims and only in the second was some material damage reported.

Attacks against military targets with the presence of US troops or contractors in Iraq have been common since the assassination in Baghdad early last year of General Qasem Soleimani of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in a targeted bombardment of USA.

Although they are not usually claimed, Washington He attributes them to Iranian-backed Iraqi militias demanding the withdrawal of US troops from the country.


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