Fifteen giant kangaroos were reportedly killed by two 17-year-old teenagers near Batemans Bay in Australia. They were charged with having “deliberately killed” these kangaroos, among which were two babies, reports Paris Match.

The Wires Association, for the protection of wildlife, described the act as “tragic and senseless which left an indelible mark on our dedicated volunteers from the Mid South Coast branch who attended the scene, as well as on local residents ”.

Hope, the surviving kangaroo

According to the association, on Saturday morning, a member of the public found a single surviving kangaroo nearby, she was nicknamed “Hope”. According to Janelle Renes, the president of Wires for the Mid South Coast, it took two hours of resuscitation to bring the baby kangaroo back to life.

Speaking on ABC national television, she confirms: “When she got here she was almost lifeless… It took about two hours to warm her up and see real signs that she was going to survive.”

According to Paris Match, “the two boys will have to explain themselves in a juvenile court on November 22. The police opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of the tragedy ”.


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