Two-story apartment with a toilet from Toyota Hilux for 1.5 million rubles – Laboratory – Motor

And yes, if you compare the cost of this residential module with full-fledged motorhomes, it turns out that this is the most affordable option for living on wheels: now for 1.5 million rubles you won’t be able to buy even a motorhome based on the UAZ Loaf.

At the same time, autotourism in Russia is developing at an active pace, and this format is one of the most interesting, because you can put such a kung on any pickup truck, even a UAZ, even a Tesla Cybertruck, even a Toyota Hilux, as in this case. By the way, when unfolded, the module makes the Hilux the tallest Toyota in the world.

I paid once and forgot about hotels and flights, and the car, if anything, can even be changed to a more modern model. How to live inside this module – in the new video!



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