At least five people were killed and some thirty were injured in two shootings in the southwest of the town of Chicago, in the United States, during Memorial Day. The security forces informed the NBC news network that the incidents have occurred just a few hours apart in the same building on West Hastings Street.

The first shooting was recorded at 1.33 in the morning (local time), which resulted in one death, as confirmed by the Police. "After reviewing the security cameras we saw that there were hundreds of people gathered in the area before the incident," security spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

Investigate the facts

Shortly before, the authorities confirmed that a second shooting has left several fatalities. "At this moment the authorities are investigating the possibility that there is a relationship between the two incidents," said Guglielmi, who has asserted that four people are being questioned about it.

"They have seized numerous weapons and the detectives believe that the attacker opened fire on a group of people with a TEC-9, a semi-automatic pistol activated by direct recoil. "Also, the police arrested 41 people over the weekend for the alleged commission of crimes related to the possession of weapons.

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