Two policemen drug and rape an 18-year-old but won’t go to jail: that’s why

The two Spanish policemen who raped an 18-year-old girl after drugging her against her will will not go to jail. The prosecutor and the parties have in fact reached an agreement that will allow the two, Juan Carlos G. and Vicente Julian P., to get away with a sex education course, a two-year ban from public employment, and a five-year supervised release. and the ban on approaching the victim within 500 meters, as well as the obligation to compensate her for 80 thousand euros.

The choice of judges created a stir in Spain, where many newspapers reported the story to understand why such a serious crime went almost unpunished. The events date back to June 2018, when – recalls the newspaper The vanguard – the young woman went with two friends from Madrid to Malaga to spend a few days on the Costa del Sol to celebrate the end of the school year and the university entrance exam. The car in which the three were traveling was stopped at a checkpoint by the two officers, both in uniform.

The latter asked the girl behind the wheel if she had consumed alcohol and, given her affirmative answer, told her to leave the parked vehicle and call a taxi to go home. According to the girls’ story, a few moments after arriving home the two officers appeared in uniform, but with the private car of one of them. After a brief interview on the street, the two men suggested the young women go home and the three girls allowed them because they feared reprisals from the police officers.

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Once inside the house, the two attacked and stripped the victim preparing three strips of cocaine. Despite her refusal to snort the drug, the girl was forced to take the drug, so the violence began. One of them inserted several fingers into her vagina and the other penetrated her without her consent, he reported The country. Meanwhile, one of the two friends tried to help the victim, but she was intimidated by the agents. The other, seized by an anxiety attack, ran away from home and went to ask for help.

The two policemen were arrested in the summer of 2018 and remained in prison for a long time, with suspension from service and salary. In the spring, the Malaga prosecutor asked for 30 years of imprisonment for both agents for the crime of sexual violence, while the victim’s lawyer had requested 33. But the trial never took place because on April 22 the lawyers of the victim, those of the two agents and the prosecutor have reached an agreement. The judge then issued a sentence of assent in which the defendants accepted two years of imprisonment with the suspended sentence and the other details of the agreement.

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Legal experts consulted by the newspaper The country they criticized the role of the prosecutor who accepted the agreement between the parties. Sources in the Prosecutor’s Office explained that they had given the ok following the request of the victim’s lawyer, who claimed that his client did not want the trial to take place due to the potential media impact. The young woman, who is now 22, wanted to avoid both feeling like a victim of the crime again and reliving everything she had suffered. After the violence, the woman requested pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment after suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. However, there remains the indignation that many Spaniards have expressed in the last hours in which the conclusion of the affair has come to light because, despite the respect for the choice of the victim, they would have preferred to see the two policemen imprisoned in prison.

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