Two keys to feed ourselves correctly without our pocket noticing

Eat Healthy It is not as difficult as some think. Having a healthy diet throughout life helps prevent malnutrition in all its forms (lack of nutrients, for example), as well as different non-communicable diseases and disorders (hypertension, cholesterol, cancer…), says the World Health Organization. Health (WHO).

The key to healthy eating comes in the form of pyramid. This is the nutritional pyramid proposed by the NAOS Strategy (Nutrition, Physical Activity and Prevention of Obesity), an initiative that aims to reverse the trend of the prevalence of obesity by promoting a healthy diet and the practice of physical activity.

In the base of the pyramid, the foods that must be eaten daily are located: rice, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, dairy products (milk and derivatives), olive oil. In it intermediate level, foods that must be taken several times each week: meat, fish, eggs, legumes, nuts. AND, occasionallyAlthough it is very difficult for us, you can have sweets, ice cream and soft drinks. And always drink plenty of water.

Little and very healthy products

However, increased production of processed foods, rapid urbanization and changing lifestyles have led to a shift in eating habits. Something dangerous to health. In this equation, the purchasing power of families also enters.

According to the WHO, currently, people consume more hypercaloric foods, fats, free sugars and salt/sodium. And many people don’t eat enough fruits, vegetables and dietary fibersuch as whole grains.

Correct nutritional education is essential for our health and well-being, reminds the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN). For this, it is necessary to know the products that cannot be missing in the shopping cart and those whose consumption is recommended to avoid.

The coordinator of the Nutrition Area of ​​the SEEN, Dr. Francisco Botella, points out which are the less healthy products, among which it is worth highlighting alcohol, whose minimum safe quantity does not exist, and sugary drinks. As for the foods that we should eat “as little as possible”, those processed or ultra-processed foods rich in salt, sugars and fats, processed meats, as well as highly refined foods. Finally, it points out those whose consumption should be reduced: red meats and most precooked foods.

Keys to eat correctly

This organization ensures that the rise in prices means that many consumers are forced to reduce the intake of some foods that entail a high economic cost.

So that this does not happen, Botella proposes a series of recommendations for those who want to get the same nutrients from other sources without breaking the bank. His advice is based on several ideas:

  • consumption of season products. In this sense, he explains that “frozen vegetables or fish do not present nutritional differences compared to the same fresh and more expensive product”. In addition, he recalls that there are not many gastronomic differences between fresh and frozen fish, qualifying the latter as “an excellent alternative as long as the cold chain has been respected.”
  • To cook instead of consuming precooked or industrially processed foods. Here, the person in charge reminds us that it is not necessary to “eat so many foods rich in protein every day”.

  • Bet on a feed with more vegetables and fewer animal products. In the second group, he explains that “poultry has a healthier dietary profile than lamb or other red meats.”

However, in a statement, the SEEN acknowledges that “unfortunately eating healthy is usually more expensive than having a poor diet”, but they value some initiatives that propose healthy formulas without investing a lot of money.

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