Venezuelan opposition deputies Renzo Prieto and Gilber CaroBoth prisoners and members of the Voluntad Popular (VP) party led by Leopoldo López, are victims of torture in their places of detention, their lawyers denounced on Monday.

Caro’s lawyer, Therelys Malavé, stated that Yeidi Caro, the parliamentarian’s sister, had been able to verify the subhuman conditions in which it is located at the headquarters of the Special Actions Forces (FAES) of the National Police in Caracas.

According to a statement from the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) that includes Malavé’s complaint, Caro told his sister “that he is going crazy.”

The legislator’s sister told the lawyer that the day she was able to visit her brother, he “was screaming for water to be brought” because “there are days when they don’t bring him food and others only give him one food a day.”

“Gilber can’t even get up (completely) because he was under a ladder and devoid of light, water and food. These conditions in which he clearly finds himself constitute torture, cruel treatment and it is the responsibility of the Public Ministry to investigate this situation, “said the lawyer.

For this reason, Malavé indicated that the second control judge with jurisdiction over terrorism, Hilda Villanueva, is responsible for what happens to Caro, “who has also not allowed the parliamentarian to appoint his own lawyers.”

He added that, so far, the deputy does not know what he is accused of or has had access to the file.

Caro was arrested on December 20, which was the fourth time that the legislator had stepped in prison, although the first was not for reasons related to his political activity.

For her part, Ana Leonor Acosta, Prieto’s lawyer, recalled that the parliamentarian “is incommunicado, his lawyers have not been able to see him and he also sleeps on the floor.”

“He has been without water and without food, which has deteriorated his health due to injuries to his spine caused during his first imprisonment”, stressed the lawyer.

As Acosta recalled, Prieto has been awaiting trial for six years, while the sentence established in the crime for which he is being tried is less than the time he has been detained.

The parliamentarian, who returned to prison last March and who is accused of the crimes of “terrorist financing” and “hate promotion”, has already been in prison for four years.

Acosta stressed that Prieto is detained at another FAES headquarters in Caracas, where he has also had no contact with his family or the necessary medical attention.