Two footballer brothers from Chabás clubs died in an accident near Pujato

Of the players who were active in the Casildense Soccer League lost their lives this morning in a road accident recorded on national route 33 in the jurisdiction of bidabout 50 kilometers from Rosario.

The fateful accident occurred around 8 o’clock when the vehicle in which they were traveling crossed the lane to end up hitting a large tree in the shoulder area, about 600 meters from where the toll station was established.

As a result of the tremendous impact, the two people who were traveling in a Fiat Punto car in the direction of Rosario died on the spot, as indicated to The capital the head of the Pujatense police station, Eduardo Franchi.

The victims were identified as Maximiliano Brian Rolón, 26, and Ariel Hernán Rolón, 30, who were brothers and played soccer in the two Chabás clubs. Ariel in Hurricane and Maximiliano in Atlético. As a consequence of what happened, the date of the Casildense League was suspended.

According to sources consulted by this medium, Maximiliano and Brian were heading to the city of Rosario to look for a relative without imagining that they would find the worst ending along the way.

The community chief of Chabás, Lucas Lesgart, told this newspaper that the community is immersed in immense anguish when the novelty transcends. “The town is very sad about what happened,” he said. The two young men who died along with a brother, who is also a soccer player, had been living in Chabás for some time, Lesgart said.

The case is in the hands of the prosecutor of the Public Ministry of the Accusation of Casilda, Juan Pablo Baños. And firefighters from the town of Pujato as well as Scientific Police personnel were working at the scene to carry out the required skills.

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