There are also Illyria Group of Udine and Maddalena spa of Povoletto among the 100 Italian excellence in the ranking of sustainable businesses drafted by Credit Suisse and Kon Group. The list indicates the companies that have passed the strict selection of first edition of the Sustainability Award. The recognition rewards those realities that have demonstrated the ability to carry out sustainable, inclusive and stable growth by creating value added also for the community.

The prize

The companies admitted to the competition were evaluated very severely. Each was analyzed with a precise methodology involving the rating of Altis Catholic University crossed with the rating on Reprisk. These steps made it possible to form a list where each company has its own rating ESG. Thus the companies that most distinguished themselves for one were identified sustainable production. Among the relevant elements, the innovative propensity on governance and social media. The partnership with Forbes Italia, which created a business community dedicated to the prize where you will be able to access exclusive content and meetings with other participants. An exclusive club to continuously stimulate improvement in sustainability and the rapid achievement of ever higher levels of ESG ratings with consequent positive impacts on the whole community.


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