Twitter trader denounced for possible cryptocurrency scam

The initial call for the FCI was directed towards two types of audiences. On the one hand, for those who “do not have time to trade” with a minimum initial contribution of $ 100 and a maximum of $ 5,000. In this sense, the cost was 5%. monthly. Second, it addressed analysts who do operate to “give them the opportunity to enter the Fund.” The cost of membership drops to $ 35 per month.

“Since there is responsibility in handling money, I can’t put everything in futures, can I explain myself? Opinions? Suggestions? I read them”Said the message he sent by WhatsApp to one of his clients. “And if you think that u $ s100 I am going to transform it into u $ s500 in a month, forget it, because I am not going to play the casino, this must be something sustainable over time, it is my job, future and responsibility that is in play”added.

In this sense, the renowned strategist on Twitter said: “Let’s face it, I am not promising gold and currency, it can happen because I am human in that one month the profitability is negative, ok? This is born because the majority cannot trade full time. Which I can do 85% of the times. I insist, I’m not going to burn with this because my future is at stake. Step by step. It’s trial and error, I don’t have any script. “

However, despite being a risky business, many of the victims indicated that in a period of seven days the value of cryptocurrencies fell by 87%, thus losing almost a total of US $ 70,000. In fact, many of the 65 involved paid for the alert service, which includes a wake-up call in the event of a large-scale decline in value, which had a value of $ 10,000.

So far, it was announced that Pablo Roberto Kobylañsly was dedicated to managing consortiums. However, he touted his experience in the financial market with a total of thirty years dedicated to trading. Under this line, he is accused of having bought a Ford Focus Titanium 0 KM with the money collected from the subscriptions, to which they demand that he sell it to reimburse part of the supposedly lost.

Alleged twittero.jpg scam

In the WhatsApp group he said that “it was the first time that had happened to him and he could not believe it.”

After not giving an answer and even having blocked users for the insults received, he returned to Twitter to clarify that the fund is “alive and well.” What’s more presents willingness to pay to creditors and states that, even if it takes two years to achieve it, is willing to return the money. It even claims to pay with free AT courses.

And although he intends to recover the lost dollars with the only US $ 10,000 that the FCI has left, at present he keeps his account closed to be able to “concentrate to turn this around.”

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