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Twitter accounts of EA staff hacked after YouTuber ban

On the picture: Kurt "Kurt0411" Fenech.

A number of Electronic Arts employees have seen their personal Twitter account hacked after a significant FIFA The player has been banned for life from official events for his "abusive, harassing and vulgar" behavior.

The player, Kurt "Kurt0411" Fenech, has been subject to several disciplinary actions by EA in recent years. which are described here in the official notice of Fenech's ban. Basically, the guy is very angry against FIFA, and uses his YouTube channel to do things like spit on EA brand scarves and call the developers of the "cowards" series.

Following the ban, and like Eurogamer reportlast week, a number of EA employees participating in the FIFA The accounts in the series were hacked to display messages in Fenech's favor, including one that revealed to an official EA announcement: "Kurt0411 has been canceled."

Of course, it is not forbidden, probably will never be, and continues to publish slightly terrifying videos on its YouTube page, in which he and all who watch it play a video game on football. way too seriously.

For example, and like Eurogamer highlightJust last week, he was telling his viewers things like, "In fact, every one of those employees who worked on the last two games should be unemployed now" and "That's pretty much all time that we care about us. We deserve justice. We deserve a fucking football match. "



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