Twitch: This FR streamer sets a new world record as stupid as it is funny!

At the end of June, Ibai smashed the world record for simultaneous viewers on Twitch. He was then streaming a boxing event followed by nearly 2 million Internet users on Twitch. Word of mouth and the various raids will probably have helped the Spaniard to exceed TheGrefG’s record and its 2.4 million viewers (which he had reached in 2021 during the reveal of his Fortnite skin). It was during the match between Momo and Viruzz that the star accumulated more than 3 million 315 thousand spectators simultaneously! But records are made to be broken and we bet this figure will be exceeded in the future.

Today we’re going to tell you about a completely different kind of exploit on Twitch. A feat you probably never considered. And cocorico, this one is French.

A busy community

It’s unclear how the movement got started, but on July 9, viewers of the Terracid stream simply started counting in the chat. If, rightly, we could imagine that they would stop once the live ended, it was not. The more daring stayed all night on the chat. Upon his return, Damien “Terracid” Laguioni found that they had already reached the 20,000 figure.

Unstoppable, the cat continued passing the 50,000 mark on the night of July 11 to reach 100,000 in the early afternoon of July 12. It’s Terracid himself who put this counting to the extreme by modifying the chat in emote only (dialogue only through emojis).

A real record?

We want to say yes. No matter how hard we searched, we have found no trace of an equivalent event anywhere — but maybe in the future some streamers will take inspiration from it and try to match it, or even surpass it.

Certainly, this record is strictly useless, but it still deserves to enter the Guinness Book. It is just as valid as the record for balloons popped by a dog, the world record for pushing an orange with the nose or the world record for people installed in a Smart (yes, these three things exist). In any case, Hats off to Terracid but especially to his community for not giving up on anything for 4 days (and nights).

Like what, impossible is not French.



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