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The Twitch leak has stirred up the streaming community. We show what the top streamers deserve. Here is the list of revenue millionaires.

Update from October 8th, 2021: Twitch has now officially confirmed the hack and the associated data leak. The Amazon subsidiary goes on to say that it is working to understand how the incident came about and what data is overall affected. In a blog post on October 7, 2021, Twitch said that a bug in the server configuration made sure that a third party got access to the data.

Establishment date June 2011
Daily active users over 15 million
Active Streams over 2 million
Most popular game in the world League of Legends
Most Followed Streamers Ninja (over 16 million)

Many Twitch streamers wonder whether their login details, passwords and credit card information were published in the leak. During the investigation, Twitch confirmed that no private data, login data, passwords or access data were published in the leak. Credit card information has also not been made public. Twitch also rules out that such sensitive data will be published in the second part of the leak. Nevertheless, many streamers changed their access data for the streaming platform immediately.

First report from October 6th, 2021: San Francisco – Twitch itself apparently accidentally released the numbers of the big Twitch stars through a data leak. You can see exactly what the big Twitch streamers: inside worldwide received directly from Twitch from August 2019 to October 2021. The numbers are accurate to the cent. We’ll show you what the German Twitch stars have earned according to this leak.

Twitch: Revenue Leaked – That’s How Much The World’s Greatest Twitch Streamers Earn

The leak comes from Twitch itself. Apparently a data leak was found there, which has now been completely leaked to the public. Numerous streamers have already reacted to this and at least have not labeled the numbers as wrong. Nevertheless, you should view them with a certain amount of skepticism.

Particularly interesting is the total income that Twitch streamers have received since August 2019. At the top are mainly internationally known streamers: inside. Here we show you the 20 streamers who have earned the best:

Twitch-Streamer Twitch revenue from August 2019 to October 2021
CriticalRole 9.6 million
xQc 8.5 million
summit1g 5.8 million
Tfue 5.3 million
Nickmercs 5.1 million
ludwig 3.3 million
TimTheTatman 3.3 million
Stop 3.1 million
auronplay 3.1 million
LYRICS 3 million
_unknown_ 2.9 million
Gauls 2.8 million
HasanAbi 2.8 million
Asmongold 2.6 million
loltyler1 2.5 million
RanbooLive 2.4 million
MontanaBlack88 2.4 million
ibai 2.3 million
Castro_1021 2.3 million
MOONMOON 2.2 million

Also in the top 20 is MontanaBlack, which is said to have earned around 2.4 million dollars (the equivalent of around 2.07 million euros) only from Twitch revenues. But keep in mind that these numbers are gross amounts that still have to be taxed. However, this is only the income that Twitch pays out directly. This does not include income from YouTube or product placements. MontanaBlack revealed its earnings on YouTube and should therefore push the total revenues upwards.

A streamer called _unknown_ lands in 11th place on the list. It is already speculated that it is DrDisrespect, who has been banned on Twitch since last year. He was one of the biggest streamers on Twitch at the time, which is why this income could be right.

Knossi and MontanaBlack’s Twitch earnings have been leaked.

© DPA: Christoph Hardt / DPA: Philipp Schulze / Pixabay (assembly)

Twitch: Revenue leaked – that’s how much the biggest German streamers earn

Not only MontanaBlack is one of the absolute top earners: inside on Twitch. Numerous other German streamers appear in the leak. We list the top earners in the German Twitch scene here:

Twitch-Streamer Twitch revenue from August 2019 to October 2021
MontanaBlack88 2.4 million
TheRealKnossi 2.2 million
GRONKH 1.5 million
Trymacs 1.3 million
Cardboard plate 1.3 million
NoWay4u_Sir 1.2 million
PietSmiet 792.000
Amar 562.000
MckyTV 554.000
orangemorange 512.000
BastiGHG 512.000
Be seen 489.000

Here, too, you should bear in mind that these are gross figures and that at least in Germany around 50% taxes have to be paid. In addition, this is also the income from around two years.

Knossi applauds MontanaBlack on its Twitch earnings on livestream

Some streamers have already commented on or reacted to the numbers of the Amazon leak on their earnings. When asked what he thinks of the Amazon leak, Asmongold replies: “I don’t give a shit about it” and adds, “He’s wrong about my number.” wrong second decimal place ensures that the number is wrong for him. He also leaves viewers in the dark as to whether he has made more or less than the $ 2.4 million in the two years. However, estimates assume that the number is roughly within the realistic range.

Knossi also responded briefly to the Amazon leak report in the live stream on Twitch. However, he did not respond to his number, but looked at what his colleague and friend MontanaBlack deserves. When he read the number, he applauded joyfully.

Amazon hackers want to publish the second part of the Twitch data

For Amazon and Twitch, the horror of the first data leak isn’t the worst. In the posting of the hackers on 4chan you can read that a second part is planned to be published in the next week. In the forum post, the hacker team also gives a reason why they published the data. You write: “The community is a poisonous cesspool. In order to bring more disruption and competition into the video streaming area, we overcame them and published various data in the first part.

Since the hackers want to damage Twitch with the data publication, it is likely that there will be explosive information about the Amazon streaming platform in the second part of the leak. At the end of the posting they write: “Jeff Bezos paid $ 970 million for Twitch. We’ll give it to you for free. #DoBetterTwitch

Codename Vapor: Information on Amazon’s Steam competitor product in the leak

In addition to the income of the streamers via Twitch, there are other sensitive data from Amazon in the file of the leak. In the approximately 125 gigabytes there are also files for “Vapor”, which is supposed to become the competing platform for Steam. This is supposed to offer some Twitch functions as well as support for games like Fortnite and PUBG.

An anonymous source at Amazon is said to have confirmed the leak as real. Since not all of the data has been researched by a long way, more information from the leak can be expected in the next few days. We’ll keep you informed here.

Few women in the top 100 highest income Twitch streamers

In addition to the income of the streamers via the Amazon platform, the Twitch leak also revealed further information. There are only 3 women in the top 100 Twitch streamers. One of them is the well-known Valorant streamer Pokimane in 39th place, the ASMR streamer and cosplayer Amouranth in 48th place and the music streamer Sintica in 71st place.

List of rubric lists: © DPA: Christoph Hardt / DPA: Philipp Schulze / Pixabay (Montage)

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