Twin Ferri Somogyi hospitalized: ‘Extremely sad and stressful’ | Stars

Noëlle says on Instagram that she received dozens of messages asking why she was hardly active on social media lately. “On July 6, our boys were hospitalized with the RS virus. Because they are born premature, and therefore still very small, they have a higher risk of getting into trouble. After a few days in the hospital, Lux appeared to be stable and had to drink less and less through the tube. Fortunately, he was allowed to go home that weekend to further improve there.”

Imre was less fortunate, because in addition to the RS virus, the boy also struggles with the rhino virus. “Last Thursday he was transferred by ambulance to the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital and is in intensive care there. Until yesterday he was on a ventilator and slept. It is very sad and stressful to see your little man so ill. Because he retained a lot of fluid, he didn’t really look like himself. And the sight of the ventilator, tubes and all infusions are also intense to see.”

Split up

Initially Ferri and Noëlle had to ‘split’ between their two sons who were both in different hospitals. And then there is also their two-year-old daughter Véda at home. “For us it was really just surviving through the tension and fatigue. Fortunately, we have a lot of help and support from family and friends. And all the cards, flowers and gifts are so sweet! Today I turned thirty and my best gift is that Imre is making progress and can go back to the hospital near us today. Here he will continue to get sick, gain strength and learn to drink from the bottle again.”

Noëlle is very proud of her ‘little fighters’. “Hopefully Imre will be home with us soon. We are incredibly grateful for the quick action and the super care in both hospitals. It wouldn’t have happened without them.” Noëlle gave birth to the twins prematurely on May 17. The boys were doing well at the time, but had to stay in the hospital until the beginning of June.

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