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Did you like the presentation of Tweenty One Pilots in Corona Capital 2021? One of the favorite bands of the musical event was without a doubt Tweenty One Pilots, who closed amid special effects and screams from their audience. The group that started after 10:40 p.m. surprised not only with its best-known songs, but also dared to play a bit of some 100 percent Mexican songs. For example ‘How I’m going to forget’ from ‘Los Ángeles Azules’ and the song ‘Bésame Mucho’.

Thankful to be on stage at the Corona Capital 2021, Tweenty One Pilots played several of his musical hits, such as Chlorine, Ride y Heathens. The audience that gathered on stage was excited by the dances, the energy and the graphics that appeared on the screens.

However, Tweenty One Pilots made an impact by playing the songs with the trumpet. How could I forget you from Los Ángeles Azules and Bésame mucho. Here we leave you the moment:

What’s more, Tweenty One Pilots chose Mexico to play ‘Bounce man’ with ukulele. Finally, they closed with Trees.

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