Twelve criminals took dozens of belongings from a housing complex – El Diario Ecuador

Twelve criminals took dozens of belongings from a housing complex – El Diario Ecuador

A total of twelve armed criminals managed to enter a housing complex and several houses were robbed at once.

This criminal act was recorded in the early hours of this Saturday, September 9, 2023, in the La Armenia sector, in Quito.

It was reported that the group of twelve criminals entered several homes at the same time.

According to information reported on social networks and from the victims, all the people in the group they were tied.

In this way, the criminals facilitated the work to be able to take the assets from several homes.

In a video you can see that the criminals broke the vehicle entrance door.

You can also see the Police at the scene and the neighbors outside the complex after the moments of terror who suffered.

The Police analyze the videos from the security cameras in the area to find the criminals.

The stolen items include cell phones, computers, jewelry, money, televisions and more.

Neighbors have indicated that most of them were tied hand and foot; In addition, some were blindfolded.

The Police are now on the trail of these twelve criminals to bring them to justice. orders from the authorities.

The amount of damage for all the stolen belongings is still unknown.

Criminal acts in the country are the order of the day. Cities like Quito, Guayaquil, Quevedo, Santo Domingo, Durán and others are where the most crimes are committed.

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