Carrefour has released the big guns for Black Friday 2021, with double or even triple-digit declines on a selection of televisions, high-tech products and even the latest video game consoles.

In the end, there are not so many large-scale retailers who take advantage of this Black Friday to draw really significant price reductions, moreover on flagship products. This is the case at Carrefour. Whether you need or want to equip yourself with a new TV, smartphone, headphones or even a game console, you will be amazed by the discounts (in the form of direct reduction or loyalty discount, depending on the product) offered by the giant of mass distribution. Spoiler: There are even stocks of PlayStation 5!

Oled, QLED, Neo QLED LG, Samsung, TCL TVs at smashed prices

The LG 55A1 4K Oled TV at 999 € instead of 1199 € (-200 €). This 55-inch (139 cm) model is a reference if you want to taste the exceptional image quality of Oled screens. For a very bright image whatever the ambient lighting conditions, the 55-inch (140 cm) Samsung 55QN85A is € 1,199 instead of € 1,699. And if you are looking for an XL TV, several promotions are open to you:

All of these televisions are designed to take advantage of the capabilities of next-gen consoles. And this is very good since Carrefour offers € 50 loyalty discount on the Xbox Series S 512 GB at € 299. If you are more Nintendo Switch, the blue Switch Lite model is € 196.35 instead of € 227. You also have the choice of the Oled screen Nintendo Switch with the games Mario The Raving Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Just Dance 2022 game to € 400.85. And big surprise, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is in stock at Carrefour in Standard or Digital version. Be careful, there won’t be something for everyone!

The Acer Nitro 5 AN517-41-R74B R7 (17 inch) Laptop PC

For you, is gaming more on the PC? The Acer Nitro 5 AN517-41-R74B R7 17-inch laptop is € 1,399 instead of € 1,599 (- € 200). It is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 8-core processor and a powerful nVidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card.

A refurbished iPhone at a very low price

To have fun while adopting more eco-responsible consumption, why not opt ​​for a refurbished smartphone? These are refurbished models with a warranty, such as this refurbished 64 GB iPhone X at 439 € (10 € immediate discount and 50 € transferred to the loyalty card). If you are looking for unbeatable value for money, the Samsung Galaxy A22 Black 4G is € 189.90 instead of € 220.

Full ears for cheap

Impossible to finish this selection without mentioning the good deals on the audio side, with the Razer Kraken X gaming headset at € 24.97 instead of € 49.95 (-50%). If you’re more into headphones, the excellent Marshall IV Bluetooth is just € 99.99 instead of € 149.99. And if the music is shared for you, the large 120-watt wireless Bluetooth speaker POSS-PSPARTY120 HIGH POWER is € 59.99 instead of € 129.99. What to send big sound to party!

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