TV Record attacks Angola’s First Lady

In Brazil, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and TV Record are one. They have the same owner, the influential bishop Edir Macedo.

In the conflict involving the church in Angola, the station has always defended Brazilian pastors.

This Wednesday, political commentator Augusto Nunes accused the Angolan First Lady Ana Dias Lourenço of having acquired a fortune with illicit deals involving the company Orion, in which he was a shareholder.

“Contracted for the 2012 election campaign, Brazilian publicist Mônica Torres gave five million dollars in cash to Orion directors, the amount corresponding to 10% of the money donated by Odebrecht to the MPLA,” he denounced.

This illicit financing scheme for the 2012 and 2017 presidential campaigns in Angola has already been revealed by the Lava-Jato operation in Brazil, and by an investigation conducted by US authorities into the business of João Lourenço’s family.

The political commentator gave no further details about the First Lady’s personal involvement in the illicit transactions.

The law firm that defends the interests of the Universal Church and TV Record in Angola announced this Friday that it no longer represented the interests of the institution. Nine Brazilian missionaries were expelled from Angola, and TV Record Africa’s signal in the country was suspended in April.

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