“You know who I am”, Joe Biden shouted to the American voters in his televised duel against Donald Trump, “and you know who he is.” Should anyone have forgotten, then the debate provided enough illustrative material, especially during the most important topic of 2020, the pandemic.

When asked about the more than 220,000 corona deaths in his country, the President did not wrest a word of sympathy this time either, but boasted: for the millions of deaths that he had prevented; for the vaccine, which in Trump’s imagination is “ready” for immediate mass vaccinations; even for his own contagion, because: “I am immune!” It was left to the democratic challenger to point out the currently devastating development of the number of cases in several states as well as to the gloomy prognoses of the experts and to spell out the often unpopular measures that are not a panacea , but until further notice the best medicine: mask requirement, plexiglass, rapid tests and so on.