The TV presenter of the American channel News4Jax Vic Micolucci contracted the coronavirus and spoke about the disease. He admitted that he had never felt so bad in his life, and revealed his main fear – to infect someone close. The presenter’s story was published on the channel’s website.

“Fever, body pain, constant fatigue, shortness of breath, cough. Stomach problems and sleepless nights, ”Micolucci described his symptoms. He added that the disease was not severe, although he felt as bad as never before in his life. “The virus affects everyone differently. Health conditions can quickly deteriorate. There is no clear date when you will feel any symptoms or begin to recover, ”said the presenter.

Micolucci said that he refused hospitalization, so as not to borrow from doctors and nurses the time that they could spend on helping more serious patients.

The host added that the worst thing about the disease for him was not a terrible state of health, but the fear that he could accidentally infect someone from family members, friends or colleagues. “Right before I got sick, I saw my parents. Now this is my biggest fear. I constantly demand that they check to see if they have symptoms of coronavirus. My anxiety is growing. I can’t imagine what will happen if they get sick, and I will be the reason ”, – said Mikolucci.

Earlier, blogger Ilya Varlamov said that he had had a coronavirus. He revealed the details of the treatment, and also listed atypical symptoms of infection that he encountered personally. According to him, none of his relatives, not even his wife, with whom they slept in the same bed, was infected.