TV, a 29-year-old from Palermo will be the director of the new afternoon program of Rai 2

The rise of Ivan D’Ignoti continues on the national television scene. The young director of Madonite origins will be the creator of the new program entitled “Fantastic Italians” which will be broadcast starting from next Monday 30 May, every day from 14 on Rai 2 and will be conducted by Alessandro Di Sarno.

The idea of ​​the program written by Giorgio J. Squarcia is to put Italians in uncomfortable, difficult situations, facing unsolvable dilemmas to see how they will behave. The acronym IF, which in English means “if”, underlines the very crossroads in front of which unwitting victims will be found and broadens the question to the public at home: what would you do if you were in such a situation? To tell the reactions of the Italians, the language of the candid camera was chosen which, however, as we know, is never easy to manage from the point of view of the image since it uses hidden cameras.

For this reason, the Inside Man production company has chosen a director who for six years now, first by directing the jokes of Scherzi a Parte and now that of these social experiments, has managed to give a new taste to this language. : Ivan D’Ignoti. Born in 1993, he leaves from Sicily, from Bompietro in the province of Palermo, and in a few years he becomes one of the youngest and most talented directors of Italian television, especially when it comes to jokes. The “stolen” images of him have a different quality, a modern style, a much more cinematic cut. Ivan in his direction has always shown that he can “steal with elegance” and even more in Fantastic Italians.

The host of the program Alessandro di Sarno has no doubts about the qualities of the Sicilian director, who said: “Normally the language of the candid camera is made up of dirty, degraded images, both because hidden cameras are used and because real situations and emotions are told. Furthermore, the great difficulty is given by not knowing what will happen, the victims are not actors, their movements and their reactions are not predictable. All this makes it difficult to create quality images. Italiani Fantastici, on the other hand, makes use of a d ‘beauty. image that was requested, desired and proposed by our director: Ivan D’Ignoti. Ivan showed me and Giorgio J. Squarcia his way of understanding the direction of jokes. In fact, if you zap, you will never find a program of this kind with the same taste, the same colors, the same light. This way of creating images adds meaning and enhances the content, without distorting it but enhancing it. As when in a restaurant they serve you a dish with a fantastic presentation, you enjoy it more. So I have no doubts that, by browsing the channels, as soon as you come across Italiani Fantastici you will immediately recognize their pasta. I was particularly impressed by the energy, enthusiasm, motivation and above all by the rigor for excellence that Ivan has put into the realization of this program. I believe that his way of understanding this work is not unknown to his origins. I think that the mere fact of being born and raised in Sicily has exposed him every day to an omnipresent beauty. His eyes were able, from an early age, to observe this nature, this beauty and this certainly generated in him the need to reproduce it. Ivan brings back Sicily in all of his works, with poetry and frankness, as his land taught him. Another characteristic of the Sicilians is certainly their determination, their autonomy. Ivan has carried out a very complex program, a program that would normally require an army. Doing social experiments is like broadcasting live, you have to constantly stay focused and you can’t go wrong. Ivan was a great orchestra master. With few but good people, he managed to tell the true emotions of our fantastic Italians, adding his unmistakable stylistic signature to his images “.

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