In order to convince more people of the Covid-19 vaccination, mobile vaccination teams are in the villages in Turkey.

In order to get more people to vaccinate against the coronavirus, employees of the health authority in Turkey have resorted to questionable means. In the village of Soğucak in the eastern province of Mus, the names of those who were not or not fully vaccinated were shouted over the loudspeakers of the mosque there and asked to be vaccinated.

The Turkish news portal Ntv reported on Friday. Health teams are also on the move across the province, going from door to door and promoting vaccinations.

Thanks and praise

However, many also liked the action. Resident Yusuf Okşaş, who forgot his second vaccination and whose name was called out from the mosque, says: “I forgot to get the second dose. They then announced my name from the mosque and I came for the second To get vaccinations. Thank you to all of the health care workers. “

There is also no general vaccination requirement in Turkey. The Ministry of Health currently reports around 30,000 new infections across the country every day. According to official information, around 57 percent of the over 18-year-olds in the Mus province have been vaccinated so far. Most recently, 180 new infections with the coronavirus were registered within a week for 100,000 inhabitants. If you look at the rest of the Turkish provinces, Mus is in the middle of the field.

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