Turin, Gunter among the names for the defense: reinforcements are needed

Calciomercato Torino / Ivan Juric needs at least one reliable defender, after Nkoulou’s farewell: Cairo and Vagnati at work

The defender to be found on the market must be reliable and ready, right away, to be the owner. For this Ivan Juric asked Torino to put the negotiations for the young Vuskovic in brackets and instead spent the name of Koray Gunter, one of his most faithful. The Verona, which holds the card of the central class of 1994, will not make discounts but does not ask for an exorbitant sum: the grenade management is still evaluating what to do, in the meantime trying to expand the list of eligible purchases.

Nkoulou’s farewell must be absorbed immediately

The grafts, in defense, will be useful. One immediately, by the way, because the farewell on a free transfer of Nkulu it must be absorbed without leaving holes in the rose. That’s why, as we said at the beginning, the profile is that of an experienced center, who knows how to play in the three-way line with the aggressiveness that Juric requires. Gunter, in this sense, is well suited to the identikit, and has on his side the perfect knowledge of the dictates of the Croatian technician.

Turin, the defense market (for now)

In the department, the grenades have drawn a clear strategy. Bremer e Izzo they are the untouchables unless there are offers that cannot be renounced, Lyanco he can leave (on him there is Bologna) and the same goes for Rodriguez. Good morning, however, should stay. In short, it will take more than one purchase, from now to the end of the negotiation window. The first step will go in the direction of Gunter or a better version of him.

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Koray Gunter and Simone Zaza in Turin-Verona 1-1, Serie A 2019/2020

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