Tunden Citlalli Hernández for a photo at the Apple Antara store in Polanco; senator responds

On Monday, the Senator from Morena, Citlalli Hernandez was caught in a store Mac Store in Polanco, in Mexico City.

Through her Twitter account, the journalist Leticia Robles de la Rosa shared the image; In her publication, she assured that she did not take the photograph, they only sent it to her.

In the image, the senator is seen sitting on a bench while she seems to review a device mobile, just like anyone else.

“It is rare to see a Senator from Republic in crowded spaces. That is why Senator @CitlaHM did not go unnoticed, here entertained with a smartphone,” Robles wrote.

After being exhibited on networks, several users criticized it for the contradiction with the speech of the austerity Republican that has propagated his Morena party and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador throughout his six-year term.

“Buying an iPhone in one of the most luxurious places in the city does not qualify as ‘errand’ but how ‘incongruity”, was one of the comments.

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Even the businessman, the owner of TV Azteca, Ricardo Salinas Pliego made a comment about photography; although his comment was more personal, since he talked about the senator’s physical appearance.

“I would like to have the strength of that bench and the senator’s confidence in him!!!”, he commented. Salinas Pliego.

The brunette did not remain silent and responded to Robles de la Rosa, to whom she told that people who are dedicated to politics also have a private life.

“That’s right, Leti, we are in a stage of public life in which those of us who do politics have a common life; We took a few minutes to do our errands. I also go to the supermarket, to the pharmacy and so on. I don’t see any point in it, but for the other one I can send you the photos”, she indicated.



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