TT leading article on ÖVP and the rule of law: Regardless of losses


By Wolfgang Sablatnig

The ÖVP is not doing itself any good with the escalation: there is no room for content in the din. Is it desperation because new chats keep coming out? Is it bitterness because Ibiza began as a scandal for the FPÖ, but led to the disenchantment of the turquoise renewal tale? Is it an attempt not always to turn the other cheek when the opposition has slapped one with relish?

The ÖVP has been trying for some time to get off the defensive, which it is increasingly getting into in the Ibiza committee of inquiry. Andreas Hanger from Lower Austria took over the job. “He’s the Libero,” says someone who knows justice and politics alike. He has to clean up what comes up. “The man for the rough” is another name for this role.


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