TSV 1860 – Borussia Dortmund – top atmosphere in Giesing

TSV 1860 – Borussia Dortmund. Lions without a chance – great mood in the stands in Giesing

As expected, TSV 1860 Munich had no chance against Borussia Dortmund. Nevertheless, it was a memorable game in Munich-Giesing. The Löwen fans celebrated themselves and their team.

Impressive fan march – motto shirts sold out quickly

In keeping with the occasion, there was a motto shirt and a fan march that started from Hans-Mielich-Platz for the first time in a long time. A motto shirt was also available there, but it was sold out very quickly. Likewise, the beer from the surrounding shops was probably sold out quickly. The lion fans drank themselves in the mood for a lavish cup night.

The fan march itself dragged on for a long time and at one time or another gave an impressive picture. We or parts of the editorial team took part in the fan march, but didn’t take any pictures of it ourselves. After all, we are fans – and not reporters. You will surely find the corresponding pictures soon on the relevant pages. Or someone can send us a few more photos.

Choreo and fireworks to start the game

The west curve showed an impressive choreography at the beginning of the game. The west curve shone in the club colors green and gold. When fireworks were set off behind the west curve, the banner on the west curve was used. Motto: “TO THE GOLDEN AGE”. Matching the green-gold. Now a lot of pyro was used in the west curve and made for a really impressive picture.

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Of course it is perfectly clear that this intro will again bring a fine from the DFB. However, this is where the error in the DFB system lies. Drankonian penalties have been imposed for years. They brought nothing at all. Incidentally, the lion fans are still among the braver ones. They were 34th in the DFB penalty table last season.

In any case, the fireworks did not harm the atmosphere in the stadium. On the contrary.

Fireworks in the stands, but not on the pitch

The atmosphere in the ranks was gigantic at this point, there is no other way to describe it. But unfortunately that didn’t change the fact that the lions on the lawn couldn’t do anything against BVB. Squad value around six million against 500 million, unfortunately the game went as expected. After eight minutes, BVB was leading 1-0, after 31 minutes the game was finally over, four minutes later BVB made the final score and managed the result from then on.

Lion fans top class

The Löwen fans didn’t let any of this deter them and tirelessly celebrated their team and themselves. After all, nobody expected anything else. At prime time on ZDF, the lion fans showed why they are number one in Munich. The standing hall stood, the west curve jumped, the throats became hoarse. We received news from Haidhausen and Altperlach that the lion fans would be heard by then.

Also fireworks by the BVB fans

But the BVB fans also had a big party. They showed both a tireless use of waving flags and with a heavy pyro intro they showed the faction “Robert, abolish the pyro” that pyrotechnics is not an invention of Robert Reisinger.

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Borussia Dortmund fans at TSV 1860
BVB fans with Pyro at TSV 1860

They will have “forgotten” that again today, but that shouldn’t detract from the good atmosphere around TSV 1860.

Conclusion: On to golden times

The conclusion of this evening can only be what the curve has given out. “To golden times”. The game went as expected, the lions’ full attention can and will now be devoted to everyday league life. The lion fans are ready for promotion, as they once again impressively demonstrated yesterday. Let’s hope the team follows suit. On to golden times.

TSV 1860 Borussia Dortmund
On to golden times – TSV 1860

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