Trump’s hoaxes reach Spain

More than three weeks after the United States celebrate presidential election and the victory of Joe Biden, Donald Trump still clinging to his attempt to subvert the outcome. Its campaign to delegitimize the elections has gone from spreading false accusations of fraud to devise a crazy plot of the democrats with the Venezuelan regime when their desperate maneuver was rejected by the courts. But beyond what justice dictates, his theories of conspiracy they have a long journey. So much that they have come to Spain.

This Thursday, social networks they were filled with an alleged news that signaled a “legal victory & rdquor; Trump, ensuring that justices had withdrawn Biden’s victory in key states such as Pennsylvania, Nevada and Georgia. However, the reality was that a Republican judge had requested to stop the certification of results in the first state. Although that did not alter Biden’s victory there, this Friday the federal appeals court rejected that block, another defeat for Trump’s legal team. “Saying that an election is unfair does not make it so. The charges require allegations and evidence. We have neither of the two things & rdquor ;, the judge pointed out Stephanos Bibas, appointed by the president.

Although those false accusations of fraud have been quickly dismantled – and Twitter tagged the post warning that the certified winner was Biden–, that has not prevented the viralization of the message on the platform, where it has achieved more than 5,800 retweets and more than 10,300 likes, making it one of the most commented topics. From there he quickly jumped to Instagram already private channels of WhatsApp Y Telegram. How do i do it?

Vox takes advantage of misinformation

That false information was published in Digital Freedom, ultra-conservative medium owned by Federico Jimenez Losantos whose propaganda was financed by box B of the Popular Party, as proved by a judgment of the National High Court.

The main account that shared this false information was Hermann Tertsch, MEP of Vox. In February, Tertsch boasted of having met in Washington with Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser accused of fraud who sees in the far-right Spanish formation “one of the great engines of hope in Europe”. The deputy for Badajoz Victor Sanchez del Real and other party officials also spread the article.

However, Libertad Digital had not carried out any journalistic investigation, but replicated a viralized publication before on Twitter by Martial cuquerella, former director of Intereconomy, a television channel linked to sectors of the right close to the Francoism. Cuquerella has gained popularity on the social network by spreading hoaxes originating on the other side of the Atlantic by headlines that pose as traditional media.

“There is a much more solid space than the political parties, which are the network of the media and foundations that have been operating for many years & rdquor ;, he points out. Julian Macías Tovar, activist against disinformation of the Podemos networks team. The article, he explains, was also shared by accounts in Chile or Venezuela known for other disinformation campaigns.

Popularize conspiracies

This, in turn, shared an article from The Epoch Times, a news outlet from extreme right whose founders, anticommunist opponents of the government of Beijing, are linked to the Falun Gong religious movement, persecuted in China. The popularity of the media group has skyrocketed among the conservative sectors of the US under the presidency of Trump, whom he openly supports, even considering him a “sent from heaven to destroy the Communist Party”.

The newspaper’s journalists revealed to NBC last year that they operated as a troll farm, that is, create reactionary and scandalous content that generates many reactions and goes viral. His YouTube channel has promoted conspiracy theories such as QAnon, who defends that there is a global pedophile network made up of progressive politicians and actors that wants to overthrow Trump. Is paranoia He has gone from digital marginalization to landing in other countries and even leading some of his followers to be elected to Congress. That Trump and his associates shared their articles has contributed to that rampant popularity.