Trump’s dangerous statement on vaccination (analysis)

(CNN)– The numbers are extremely worrying.

Covid-19 cases, driven by the rapidly spreading delta variant of the coronavirus, have almost tripled in the last three weeks in the United States. In all the states of the country the cases have increased.

It is, from any point of view, a tense moment in the 16 months of fighting the virus. People must be vaccinated or take the real risk of contracting the delta variant.

At times like this, leaders matter. What our elected officials say (and do) about vaccines is important: They are a role model that, ideally, people follow.

Covid-19 Cases Increase in the US 0:40

Entra en escena Donald Trump.

“Joe Biden does not stop talking about how well he is doing in distributing the vaccine that was developed by Operation Warp Speed ​​or simply by the Trump Administration,” the 45th president said in a statement published through the Save America Political Action Committee on Sunday. “He is not doing well at all. He is very late, and people refuse to get vaccinated because they do not trust their Administration, they do not trust the results of the Elections, and they certainly do not trust the fake news, which they refuse to tell the news. Truth”.

This statement is, and I am not exaggerating at all, the opposite of leadership.

The whole statement is wrong, but this line stands out for the damage it will do to efforts to get more people vaccinated: “People refuse to be vaccinated because they do not trust their Administration, they do not trust the results of the elections and, he certainly doesn’t trust fake news, which refuses to tell the truth. “

Fauci: Vaccines protect against hospitalizations 0:45

Along these lines, the former president of the United States who is, without a doubt, the most influential person in the Republican Party today, reaffirms the totally erroneous doubts that people have about receiving the highly effective vaccine against covid- 19, while painting the vaccination effort in a partisan light by comparing it to the 2020 election.

Bottom line: it’s a remarkably dangerous thing for anyone to say, let alone a former president. The fact that Trump said it amid a surge in cases, driven almost exclusively by unvaccinated people living in areas he won in 2020, makes it even worse.

Leadership is about saying and doing what’s best for everyone … not just yourself. And sometimes doing what’s best / right for everyone means it won’t be the best for you personally. It is about the “we”, not the “me”.

Trump has never, never been willing or able to understand that. He is remarkably self-centered, concerned solely and exclusively with how events affect his life or, to be more precise, with how he can use facts (and misrepresent them) to sound like the smartest and wisest guy around, the hero. of all the stories.

That includes COVID-19, and the effort to vaccinate enough people to achieve herd immunity (and thus protect those who cannot get vaccinated for medical or other reasons).

Trump calls polls that don’t favor him false 0:41

Trump is SO obsessed with a) taking credit for the vaccine and b) smearing the man who defeated him in 2020 that he can’t (or won’t) see the damage he’s doing by telling a block of already skeptical people, many of the who voted for him in the last election, that Biden and the media can’t be trusted.

It is an important reminder that the damage Trump has done to the country is not a finished product. His self-centeredness continues to create chaos and uncertainty in a situation where there should be very little: the vaccine saves lives!

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