Donald Trump insisted on the importance of policies that limit migration to the United States and during an event in South Texas, he described President López Obrador as a “great guy.”

WELASCO, Texas, U.S. (AP) – Just after holding his first political rally since leaving the White House, the expresidente Donald Trump again attracted the spotlight with a visit on Wednesday to the southern border, where he criticized the migration policies of the president Joe Biden amidst a rise in crosses of migrants to its highest levels in decades. The former president also referred to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whom he described as “incredible.”

Trump was invited to South Texas by State Governor Greg Abbott and was accompanied by a group of Republican representatives who traveled from Washington. Abbott, who wants to be re-elected next year and is considered a possible presidential candidate for 2024, has taken up Trump’s migration stance and pledged to continue building the wall on the border with Mexico, which the Biden government has suspended.

Donald Trump stressed that he had a good relationship with Mexican President López Obrador, who, he said, was also interested in resolving the immigration situation.

“I will tell you that we work very well, he is an incredible person and loves Mexico,” he explained during his participation, in addition to referring to him as a “great guy.”

“People are coming in by the millions. They are destroying our country, ”Trump warned.

With the former president were also several former members of his government, including the former acting secretary of Homeland Security, which gave the event an air of being a trip to the past with Trump, who wrongly insists that he won the 2020 elections. There is no evidence of the widespread fraud alleged by the former president.

The visit highlights the extent to which Republicans, at the national and state levels, continue to view Trump as their leader, despite his defeat in November and his persistent electoral falsehoods. It also shows how the Republican Party is firmly backing Trump’s signature issue of migration control with a view to regaining control of Congress in next year’s midterm elections.

The event comes a day before Trump’s company and his longtime finance chief are expected to be charged with tax crimes stemming from a New York investigation into the former president’s business deals, insiders said. from matter to The Associated Press. Trump did not respond to questions being yelled at about the allegations when he participated in a briefing with state officials on Wednesday.

Although Biden enjoys a high approval rating in the first months of his administration, immigration has persistently been a weak point. According to a survey released in May Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Investigation, more than half of Americans, 54 percent, disapprove of the way Biden has handled the issue, compared with 43 percent who agree. And a recent Quinnipiac University poll of Texas voters found 64 percent disapprove of the way Biden is handling the situation at the border, and 29 percent approve. Abbott fares better on the issue, with voters split 46 percent – 47 percent.

–With information from EFE.