Trump lashes out at Pulitzer for not withdrawing award from New York Times and Washington Post

MADRID (EUROPA PRESS) – Former US President Donald Trump lashed out on Tuesday against the Pulitzer Prize board for refusing to withdraw the award from The New York Times and The Washington Post, which he considers “the greatest failure of journalism in the modern history”.

The board indicated on Monday that it could not carry out Trump’s request and withdraw the awards from the workers of the two newspapers, which received two awards in 2018 for several articles on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections, which gave the victory. to the tycoon

“The Pulitzer Board has lost what little credibility it already had with its response to the 2018 National Information Award for spreading false news,” Trump said in a statement. Thus, he lamented that “instead of acting with integrity and transparency, the board has given shelter to the greatest failure in the modern history of reporting: false Russian collusion.”

For Trump, the only way these two newspapers could win the award would be if the category of “disinformation” were created, as he has claimed. “The truth is that the award was given in 2018 for information that we know was fabricated by third parties and by my political rivals,” he said.

However, the board reaffirmed that, after an analysis, they have found no indication to withdraw the awards. “No headline or paragraph has been debunked by fact, so the awards stand,” he added.

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