Donald Trump has been positive about the rheumatism and malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a remedy for the corona virus since March. In the medical world there is a very different opinion. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) says there is “no evidence” that the drug is effective.

Operation completely unproven

The U.S. Food and Commodity Authority (FDA) does not recommend preventative use of the drug. It could cause arrhythmias. In the Netherlands, the Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ) also states that the effect of the drug is completely unproven. GPs are not recommended to prescribe the drug against the coronavirus.

Trump says he has used the drug for two weeks as a preventive measure and says he has no side effects. He stated yesterday at the press conference – again – that the drug works against the corona virus.

Blocked video

The only reason doctors advise against it is because he recommends it, says the 73-year-old president. “You don’t risk using the drug. My opinion is that it has a lot of effect.”

The claim comes one day after Donald Trump’s son posted a video about the drug on Facebook and Twitter. In that video, which has since been blocked by social media, Trump’s son states that hydroxychloroquine is a drug against corona. According to the video, mouth masks are not necessary to stop the spread of the virus.

Trump tweeted that video yesterday, saying that “highly respected doctors make important recommendations there.” He says he does not understand that Facebook and Twitter have taken the video offline.

Twitter went a step further yesterday and decided to punish Donald Trump junior: he was not allowed to tweet for 12 hours. Trump has recently criticized Twitter’s policy of removing tweets from him.

“Nobody likes me”

American infection expert Anthony Fauci has previously spoken out against the use of hydroxychloroquine. Fauci has not been seen with Trump for a long time and does not appear at the press conferences.

At the press conference, Trump said yesterday that Fauci is “very popular” with the general public. “Why am I not so loved?” Trump then wonders aloud. “Nobody likes me. It must be my personality.”