Trump irritates with a crude statement to Biden: “Will be shot after three weeks” – abroad

Donald Trump once again attacked his opponent Joe Biden violently during a campaign appearance in Michigan. Trump spoke on one of his favorite topics: What happens if Joe Biden can no longer exercise his office? The President irritated with an extremely crude statement.

Trump: “Biden will be shot after three weeks”

Speaking in Lansing, Michigan state capital, Trump said, “That’s why you’re talking about the 25th Amendment. Three weeks, three weeks and Joe is shot. Come on, Kamala, are you ready? The most politically left person in the Senate. Next to her, Bernie Sanders looks like a serious conservative. “

This interpretation is astonishing for two reasons. Why should this be the case after three weeks? And why doesn’t Trump formulate it differently when he knows exactly that it can also be understood as a call to an assassination attempt?

Internet users argue about the exact meaning of the statement

In the original Trump said: “Three weeks and Joe is shot”. Trump triggered outrage on Twitter. He speculated about the murder of his opponent, accused him of Internet users. Others again pointed out that Trump often speaks of Biden being “shot”. By that he means that the Democratic presidential candidate is mentally ill. And as a result, he could no longer exercise his office.

Trump went on to say of Harris: “That must not happen. She will not be the first female president of the United States. We’ll have a president at some point. But not Kamala Harris. ”The crowd then chanted“ Ivanka ”- the name of Trump’s daughter.

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