US President Donald Trump is challenging the release of his tax returns. His lawyers asked the New York court on Monday to declare a subpoena to be invalid for allegations of “harassment” and “bad faith”.

A public prosecutor in New York wants to look at Trump’s financial records, including his tax returns, to find out if the president is guilty of criminal charges. It concerns eight years of documents from both Trump and his companies.

Trump is trying to avoid sharing his tax returns while promising to make them public in the 2016 presidential election. Presidents usually always release this information, according to an old tradition.

The Supreme Court ruled in early July that the prosecution has the right to inspect the documents. Trump, according to the court, is not exempt from criminal charges during his presidency, but he is allowed to challenge the subpoena. Trump’s lawyers are now asking the court to declare the subpoena invalid.

The prosecution started his investigation after reports of the payment of hush money to porn actress Stormy Daniels by Trump’s then lawyer Michael Cohen. Prosecutors want to know if the President or any of his companies have defined the transaction as “legal costs.”