Donald Trump canceled this Thursday the “big” Republican convention planned for Jacksonville, Florida, to induct him as the party’s presidential candidate on November 3, due to the new coronavirus pandemic which is blazing in the southern United States. United.

“We are not going to do a big public convention as such, now is not the time”, he declared, considering that it was his duty as president to “protect the Americans”. “The timing for this event is not good, given what happened recently – the outbreak (of infections) in Florida – it is not going,” said Donald Trump.

His nomination as a Republican candidate without any doubt, the tenant of the White House is not taking any political risk by announcing this cancellation. However, it was he who had chosen the city of Florida as the place of the “big” convention to the detriment of Charlotte in North Carolina, where it was originally to be held. The Republican convention was originally scheduled for August 24-27.

A boom in the pandemic that hits its electoral strategy

Should this be seen as the consequence of his reversal of strategy on wearing a mask? Most certainly, because the president was there showing himself more than skeptical on the question. But now, a little more than two weeks after having crossed the threshold of 3 million infections, the United States exceeded Thursday that of 4 million official cases, according to Johns-Hopkins University, which refers. A boom of the pandemic which strikes the electoral strategy of the outgoing president.

Ironically again, the American city of Jacksonville, where the Republican Party’s national convention was to be held in August, made the wearing of masks compulsory for its residents from the end of June, in response to the increase in infections with the new coronavirus.

The Democrats for their part announced a month ago that their convention, scheduled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from August 17 to 20, would be almost entirely virtual. Former Vice President Joe Biden will personally accept his nomination as party candidate.