United States President Donald Trump at a conference
United States President Donald Trump at a conference

The president of United States, Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that his Administration has reached an agreement with the Kodak company to allow the company to manufacture medicines.

The agreement is possible thanks to the Defense Production Law, a Cold War regulation that it activated in late March and gives it “powers of war” to accelerate the national production of medical supplies. to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With this agreement, my Administration is making use of the Defense Production Law to provide a loan of 765 million dollars (almost 653 million euros) to support the launch of Kodak pharmaceuticals,” said Trump at a conference call. release at the White House.

So, Kodak to produce generic pharmaceutical assets, as reported by the television channel CNN. “Using advanced manufacturing techniques, Kodak will also make the key starting materials, which are the building blocks of many drugs, in a way that is both cost-competitive and environmentally friendly,” he detailed.

A Kodak company sign
A Kodak company sign

The president has described the agreement as “one of the most important in the history of the pharmaceutical industry in the United States” and has recognized that, for Kodak – which is dedicated to the production of photographic equipment -, it is a ” different field. “

The United States is the country in the world most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. So far, it has confirmed more than 4.3 million cases, including nearly 150,000 deaths.

The North American country registered 1,592 deaths from covid-19 in 24 hours, the worst daily balance for two and a half months, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University consulted this Tuesday at 00H30 GMT.

The country suffered more than 60,000 new infections in one day, after a slight decrease in the previous two days.

The United States exceeds four million cases of coronavirus
The United States exceeds four million cases of coronavirus

You have to go back to mid-May to find a worse daily balance of deaths than that of this Tuesday: on May 15 there were 1,680 deaths.

Covid-19 has left more than 4.34 million infected and 149,000 dead since the start of the pandemic in the United States, the worst hit country in the world in absolute terms.

Following an improvement in late spring, the epidemic has rebounded since June, especially in the south and west of the country.

Florida is the state of most concern. With 186 deaths in 24 hours, it exceeded 6,000 deaths from the coronavirus and it is now the second state with the highest number of cases, more than 440,000, behind California.

Both states have already exceeded the number of infected detected in New York, which was for weeks the epicenter of the epidemic in the country.

Given the explosion in the number of cases, experts fear that the death curve will follow the same path, with delay, since the scientific consensus is that the wave of deaths comes three or four weeks after the wave of infections.


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