TrueCaller – WhatsApp: a duo against fake calls!

TrueCaller – WhatsApp: a duo against fake calls!

WhatsApp is looking to bolster the security and privacy of users of its mobile app with a very useful new feature. In collaboration with TrueCaller, it intends to deploy an identification service for audio and video calls. The goal is to make it easier to detect and stop fake calls and spam that they very often receive.

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Filter Fake Calls on WhatsApp App

Meta’s WhatsApp messaging app sees millions of logins worldwide every month. It is very popular for making video and audio calls for free just with a simple stable internet connection. However, the application has contributed to the growing increase in the number of unsolicited calls, which disturbs several Internet users.

For this reason in particular, Meta has partnered with the leaders of TrueCaller, a caller ID service to develop a solution. According to information released by the American media Reuters, the Swedish-based company wants to deploy its features on several messaging applications such as WhatsApp. Thanks to these new services, Internet users will be able to detect and filter the calls or spam they receive on their smartphones.

A way to expand your visibility and generate more revenue

TrueCaller is a caller ID app that has around 350 million users worldwide. By collaborating with WhatsApp, however, it could further increase its returns in the technology market. Meta’s app has over 2 billion users, which would be beneficial in terms of visibility. Until then, the financial revenue it generates comes from advertisements, subscription services and business listings.

According to Alan Mamedi, CEO of TrueCaller, the fake call blocking feature is currently in beta phase. This will be deployed on the messaging application within a few weeks for users. However, no specific date has been revealed by the two companies. While waiting for the actual deployment, you can refrain from answering unknown numbers and use a call blocking application.

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