(truce) between the hammer of sanctions and the anvil of violations

(truce) between the hammer of sanctions and the anvil of violations

(truce) between the hammer of sanctions and the anvil of violations
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We knew very well that this truce, like any previous truce, would be violated, not by the armed forces, but by the Rapid Support militia, which seems to me to have lost contact with the leadership and has become disobedient to its leaders. With it, there is only one method, which is (the stick). As long as the method of carrots and soft power has proven its failure, now the third option, which is the stick, has become the remaining option for those who disobeyed and managed and became disobedient to the forces and became uncontrollable and tamed. This is what is happening now with this force. The force in its first ten minutes, which is the premeditated and expected intention of it, as this force took advantage of the opportunity of the army’s commitment to the armistice, which helped it to move and carry out an attack on hospitals, assaulting patients, looting their property, beating them, expelling them, and causing their death, and the most prominent of these hospitals are Ahmed Qassem Hospital and Al-Banjadid Hospital, and the attack took place On homes, kidnapping citizens, killing women, committing rape, looting property, and many other acts that prove the intentional breach of the truce by the rebel force that lost control of itself, so each group of them became wreaking havoc in its own way.

Perhaps everything that happened must be the first responsible for it is the late, who came out with a recording a few hours before the armistice, in which he demanded his forces to breach it and continue fighting. So what commitment do Saudi Arabia and America talk about, and about any sanctions that the latter hints at with deliberate stupidity? So what is America waiting for from a force that violates the rights of civilians? It is given to give, or to be warmly applauded, or to throw apples at it, following the same approach and method of its great ignorant leader.
Evidence confirms that the Rapid Support Forces violated the armistice in a grave way, and it was necessary for the army to respond and deter, and now it has become imperative for the world, represented by the sponsors of the armistice and the agents of supporting the traitors, to either remain silent and turn a blind eye to everyone if they want to continue their misguidance and support for the transgressive group, or they must speak the truth and do justice to our forces. The armed forces that fight against those who attack civilians, kill them, attack patients, and practice the worst types of violations against the innocent and defenseless.
The state that is the head of Arab disbelief and misguidance and its accomplices, those who seek to dismantle Sudan, will not get any good, and it is better for them to leave our country instead of letting a traitor to them carry out his activities from Port Sudan. And their eyes surround your ports, so it must be resolved.
Saudi Arabia and America made efforts to bring a binding truce to both parties, and the latter waved sanctions for the sake of the citizen, knowing full well that the government forces are capable of it, but it is difficult to predict the actions of the militia, which we expected would violate the truce early, and it happened.
Saudi Arabia, America and those around them.. Thank God for your endeavor.. The Sudanese Armed Forces, rise to your fight, may God have mercy on you, and this is a mandate from the defenseless people..

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