Troyes: Suspended prison sentence for Aymeric Magne, president of ESTAC

Troyes: Suspended prison sentence for Aymeric Magne, president of ESTAC


Sport The Team reports today that the president of Troyes, Aymeric Magne, has been sentenced to a three-month suspended prison sentence and fined €1,500, after being found guilty of domestic violence.

Magne was in court for the events of October 29 last year, and was accused of restraining his wife by the neck for several hundred yards as they drove home from a party. An argument had broken out between them as they arrived home, both under the influence of alcohol, and Mrs. Magne, who, specifies The Team, was also on antidepressants, had tried to open the door. Magne then tried to shut her up and continued driving, holding her neck. Once home, he let her “cool down” in the car while going inside to free the babysitter.

The couple appeared in court together, knowing that Ms Magne, after initially filing a complaint, had backtracked on her accusations over the hearings and denied being the victim of any violence. The prosecutor, who had requested a four-month prison sentence, dismissed Magne’s argument that he acted out of concern for safety, saying he could have stopped the car in the first place. Magne, who was hoping for an acquittal, would have ten days to appeal the decision.

The executive president of ESTAC, Aymeric Magne, was sentenced on Thursday to a three-month suspended prison sentence for a violent act against his wife. The leader of the Aube club had argued with his wife after returning from an alcoholic evening

— RMC Sport (@RMCsport) March 3, 2023

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