Meteorologists study that Saturday a tropical wave with the possibility of becoming a storm named in the next 72 hours over the western end of the Gulf of mexico and that brings abundant rain to Central America and the Peninsula of Yucatan, reported the National Hurricane Center (NHC) de USA.

According to the observatory, this wave and a trough are producing “a large area of ​​disorganized rains and electrical storms” in parts of Central America, southeastern Mexico and the adjacent waters of the northwestern Caribbean Sea and southern Mexico. Gulf of Mexico.

Although upper level winds are not conducive to the development of this system at present, a tropical depression is likely to form this Sunday or next Monday as the disturbance moves northwest and then north near off the Mexican Gulf Coast.

The NHC, based in Miami, warns that this disturbance will produce heavy rains in parts of Central America and the Yucatan Peninsula today, which can cause flash floods and landslides.

Likewise, and according to the wide area that could be affected, the “intense” rains associated with this system could reach the southern United States over the course of this weekend, specifically the coast of Texas and Louisiana.

Regarding the Hurricane “Larry”, which last night and with category 1 touched the south coast of the island of Newfoundland (Canada), leaving strong winds, storm surge and intense rains, this Saturday will weaken to become a post-tropical cyclone.

At 5:00 local time (9:00 GMT) its center was located on the Labrador Sea, 285 miles (445 km) north-northeast of Cape Race, at the southeastern tip of the Avalon Peninsula, in the island of Newfoundland, with sustained winds of 75 miles per hour (120 km / h).

Larry, who was Category 3 out of 5, is moving away from the Canadian North Atlantic and will soon “transition into a post-tropical cyclone.”

However, the significant swell of “Larry“It will continue to affect Bermuda, the east coast of the United States and Atlantic Canada throughout the night today, the observatory said.

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