Tricks to keep your bathroom clean twice as long

Tricks to keep your bathroom clean twice as long


With some daily gestures, effective tricks and the latest treatments on the market, you will see how your bathroom will be impeccable for longer.

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To clean the bathroom It is a task that nobody (or almost nobody) likes. After all, who likes clean the toilet or remove mold stains between the tile joints? However, that doesn’t mean it has to be an entirely thankless task, or at least a time-consuming one.

Today’s goal is to learn how to clean the bathroomin a fast way, but, above all, ensuring that the result remains in our bathroom for as long as possible. That’s possible? Yes, by following the following tricks. Do not miss it!

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How to make your bathroom stay clean for a long time

Surely, you use the bathroom so many times a day (especially if you live with your family) that it seems that you spend your life cleaning it. The only good thing about cleaning the bathroom is the satisfaction of entering it when you see that the shower screen is clean, and the taps spotless and free of limescale.

All this takes time and effort; Luckily, the following tips will help you clean the bathroom so that it will stay clean much longer and, in this way, you can delay the time to do a thorough cleaning again. Go for it!

Infallible tricks so that your bathroom stays clean twice as long.

Bathroom with toilets embedded in the wall with a hidden cistern.

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Non-Marking Faucets

  • Rub them with lemon juice. This way you will remove the stains left by lime from the water. Then you just have to rinse them with water and dry them with a cotton cloth. The faucets will be very clean and without marks.
  • With vinegar. It is another very effective natural product against limescale. Rinse and dry in the same way.
  • Longer gleaming. To make your sparkles last longer without having to sit on them all day, create a protective layer by rubbing them with a mixture of baking soda and Vaseline.
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The toilet: naturally more hygienic and clean

In addition to clean it regularly With a specific cleaner for bathrooms, you have other natural solutions that will help you: with a mixture of bicarbonate and neutral soap, it will stay perfect for longer.To keep it hygienic, pour a good jet of vinegar before going to sleep and let it act all night. The next morning, all you have to do is empty the cistern and… voila!

War against the lime in the shower screen

Eliminate limescale and clean the screen It is one of the most complicated tasks to clean the bathroom. Soap residues only make the situation worse. For remove stains,You can use a specific cleaner against limescale, but vinegar also works very well. Prepare a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water. To keep the screen always clean, remove the drops of water from the glass after taking a shower with a rubber squeegee used by glaziers.

Infallible tricks so that your bathroom stays clean twice as long.

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How to keep bathroom tiles always shiny

For clean the tiles and leave them always shiny, clean them effortlessly with a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol. It will be a spectacular shine! Then, rinse them with a damp cloth and dry them very well with a cloth so that limescale does not form.

In addition, we leave you with more tricks and methods from the organizer and cleaning expert Pia Nieto, or better known as PiaOrganise, to end the dirt and moisture on the bathroom tiles. 100% effective!

Find out all the tricks and methods of the organizer and cleaning expert Pia Nieto, or better known as PiaOrganiza, to get rid of dirt and moisture on bathroom tiles. 100% effective!

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The Furniture / Pia Nieto

How to clean bathroom tiles to get rid of mold

The mirror, without fingerprints or splashes

So that the mirror lasts clean, Prepare a mixture of water and vinegar and spray the mirror with it. Then, dry it very well with a cotton cloth (better look for one that does not release lint). Another way to clean bathroom mirror until leaving it impeccable is to rub the mirror with alcohol to remove stains. You will make it super bright!

Leave your ceramic floor spotless

The first, bar or aspirate. Then, fill the mop bucket and add a good splash of white vinegar and the juice of one lemon and scrub. It will stay clean longer. If you go to change the floor, Tiles with a pattern or with drawings making water hide stains better. And choose it from medium colorsNot too light and not too dark.

Treatments you can give yourself

Hay treatments that you can give in your bathroom that will make it less dirty. Some of the best options are as follows:

  • An anti-limescale protector for screens. It is applied to the inside of the glass, allowed to dry and removed with a cloth (€22/300 ml, from EuropeBath).
  • Anti-stain treatment for marble or granite. Creates a protective layer that prevents stains from penetrating the stone. Apply directly undiluted to the clean surface with a brush and allow to dry. To achieve a better result, apply another layer after 24 hours (Fila MP90, €20.45/250 ml).
  • Anti-fog system for mirrors. It is a self-adhesive sheet that is glued to the back of the mirror and gives it heat, thus preventing it from fogging up (€33 approx., the 95 x 75 cm sheet).
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Infallible tricks so that your bathroom stays clean twice as long.

Bathroom with free-standing bathtub, carpet and marble covering.

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If you are going to renovate the bathroom, are you interested in buying…

  • For sanitary ware, the suspended models. The floor is better cleaned and dirt does not accumulate in the joints.
  • The shower faucet or bathtub better with anti-fingerprint treatments. In this way there will be no lime marks.
  • The shower screen or bathtub always with anti-limescale treatment This creates a film that repels water droplets and minimizes limescale.
  • coatings most recommended of porcelain stoneware. It is a very resistant, non-porous and waterproof ceramic material.
  • Finally, for the paint choose an anti-mold. They are more resistant to humidity, if you choose it with a glossy finish, it will hide stains!

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