Tricks and special functions of Google Maps: what they are and how to use them

Google Mapsthe mapping service of Alphabet (a subsidiary of Google), has become an indispensable ally of anyone who uses their cell phone to find addresses and get directions to reach your destination.

But since its launch in 2005, the application was adding more and more functionsincluding different themed games and useful tools to plan events, view offline maps or even view images of space.

Save parking location

This feature is useful for remembering where we parked our car when, for example, attending busy events in places we don’t go often.

To use it, simply open the application in the place where we left the vehicle and leave that location loaded to view it later.

In 2007, Google introduced the option to save custom itineraries or maps.

To search for the vehicle, you have to select the bar at the top and the point will appear in the first option, which can be modified by selecting the pencil that appears on the right side and adjusting the location pointer to the new place.

save places

The Google Maps application allows you to store different locations and places so that you can quickly reload them at a later time, such as not forgetting how to get to a tourist spot you have already visited, or listing frequent destinations such as work.

To save locations you have to search for a specific place, select a bookmark and write the name or address of the place in question. In this way, it will be loaded in the “Saved” menu of “Your sites”, in a list that can also be shared.

Create maps and routes

Another interesting function is the one that allows you to create maps to define routes and see distances before making a trip, to generate a detailed itinerary. This can be done from the “My Maps” section.

The service also offers public transport or traffic data in real time.

Once the new map is generated, it will be saved automatically and can be edited.

calculate distances

For fans of running or cycling, Google Maps allows you to know the distance between two selected points on the map.

To do this, choose a starting point and then select “Measure distance”. Then touch a place on the map to set the route and see how many kilometers separate it from the starting point. Additional points can also be added.

organize plans

This function is ideal for weekend plans among a group of friends, since it allows you to select places and send them through messaging applications to vote and choose the best one.

Google Maps tours can also be downloaded.

This is done by marking the bars or any establishment that you want to put on the vote to add them to a pop-up bubble that can then be shared.

traverse the space

Either through Google Sky or Google Earth, any user can see images of the solar system, constellations and even planets.

In Google Earth this can be done by zooming out of planet Earth to see satellites, stars and more. In the case of Google Sky, just by entering the website you can navigate through different constellations and planets using the cursor.



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